They Left It All Behind To Follow Their Passion

Imagine packing up your sedan with the contents of your LA apartment, hitting the I-5 for the edge of the ‘civilized’ world (where there is decent cell reception and broadband internet) to pursue your passion. One that you know could very well make the world a better place but would probably never bring you riches or fame.

That’s exactly what two of our students, Kayla and Dimitri, did earlier this year. They left careers with steady paychecks in Southern California to explore their interest in sustainable farming here at the School of Adaptive Agriculture. Over the course of 14 weeks of hands on, intensive learning their passion for sustainable food production grew and they knew that they wanted to dedicate the next portion of their lives to this lifestyle and livelihood.


Help Us Support Their Next Step

We here at the school were moved by their entrepreneurial spirit and want to support their continued learning as Capstone students. We would like to provide them extra time – a full season – on the ranch to further their learning in a low risk environment, building their resume before taking their next steps as independent farmers, food producers and educators. Especially in a competitive environment that has steep barriers to entry for young farmers without inherited land or funds.

Kayla and Dimitri are just two examples of the dedicated student body we attract at the School of Adaptive Agriculture. More and more young people are bravely joining the movement and dedicating themselves in some form to farming and food production. As the average age of our nation’s farmers and ranchers continues to rise and the threats from climate change increase, training the next generation has become an urgent priority, especially in sustainable and adaptive agriculture techniques.


Please consider giving to our Barnraiser campaign to fund our Capstone students’ year of learning on the farm, as well as support the learning of our future Practicum students. (don’t forget check out all the great rewards from our farm)

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