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School of Adaptive Agriculture 2018 Projects

The School of Adaptive Agriculture will launch its 4th year of programs in 2018, including 2 three month sessions of intensive practice and instruction in the science, art and business of producing food and a year-round workshop series. Central to both educational efforts is our working farm (market garden, orchard, flock of sheep & laying hens). In 2018 we would like to expand in the following ways:

  • Build a new classroom in the market garden
  • Build a new straw bale cold storage room (to keep harvested produce fresh)
  • Expand our capstone mentorship project
  • Hold our first ever 2 week Holistic Health Agriculture Program
  • Hold a HMI multi-day workshop (continuing ed workshop for farmers)
  • Hold a Lean Farm workshop (continuing ed workshop for farmers)
  • Hold the annual North Coast Farmers Convergence (continuing ed workshop for farmers)
  • Upgrade our student cabins
  • Renovate the student classroom
  • Expand our livestock program

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