Friends, neighbors, community,

My name is Lyndsey Burns and I’m the livestock manager at the School of Adaptive Agriculture. I’m writing to you today to announce that our meat production enterprise is underway in full swing! We have poultry for sale on site and we will be selling lamb as well starting the end of November.

The School of Adaptive Agriculture (SAA), located 6 miles south of Willits, CA, is dedicated to training the current and next generation of farmers in holistic food production, which includes a greater connection between those who grow and raise food and those who eat it. It’s about being conscientious about the meat a person eats.

Since being at SAA I’ve been part of providing animals with the most high quality life imaginable. Come harvest, this final day is one that I approach with the utmost compassion, gratitude and love. (My friends say that I “cuddle animals to death.”)

“It’s about being conscientious about the food we eat”

I’m thrilled at this opportunity I have now through the School to provide you, my community, with high quality, nutritionally dense, and delicious meat. Your purchase of meat from us not only guarantees healthy and tasty meals, but also contributes to the exciting mission of this institution to train the current and next generations of farmers.

If you have any questions about the meat products we’re selling, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Much Love,

Lyndsey Burns
Livestock Manager

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