The animals raised at the SAA are multi purpose. They serve the function of fire protection, fertilizer producers, teaching opportunities for beginning farmers and ranchers, combatting climate change AS WELL AS meat, egg, and wool production!

Using Holistic Management as the backbone of the operation, we raise sheep and poultry with health, ecology, and animal welfare to guide our decisions. The lambs are grass fed (sometimes apple finished in the orchard or kale finished in the field) as they rotationally graze around the historic Ridgewood Ranch. They are Icelandic and Gotland breeds, and these heritage genetics give us delicious, nutritious meat that thrives on our grasslands without the need for hormones, corn, or industrially produced feed. These animals patiently help train beginning farmers and ranchers through our education programs!

The poultry we raise here is raised with a similar ethic: build a life for the animals that matches their evolutionary needs. That includes allowing them to scratch and peck through grasslands and orchards, eating insects and vegetation as they go. We feed them organic chicken feed to supplement their foraging diet. Our chickens live in mobile homes, so the scenery never gets dull (and their fertilizer can be spread throughout the farm) and we use holistic health methods to keep them vibrant and strong!

“It’s about being conscientious about the food we eat”

We are thrilled to provide high quality, nutritionally dense, and delicious meat, eggs, and wool. You can find our products seasonally at Willits Farmers Market, Ukiah Natural Foods Coop, or directly from the farm.

If you have any questions about the products we’re selling, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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