Scholarship Information

We often are contacted by aspiring farmers for whom tuition is a struggle to meet. We are fortunate to be able to offer several need-based scholarships to many of our accepted students. Applicants in need of a scholarship must successfully go through the school application process before receiving the scholarship application.

Grange Scholarship

Please include a letter of interest for financial aid with your application to the School of Adaptive Agriculture. Your letter should describe your goals for participating in this program, what you aim to achieve after graduating, and what your financial needs are in order to attend the program. Your application will be reviewed by members of the Scholarship Committee and funding will be announced the month before the program begins. Please send your letters to

Farmers Guild Scholarship 

The Farmers Guild distributes scholarships four times per year, capped at $600. Apply through their website.

California Certified Organic Farmers

Provides scholarship funding for vocational and higher education once per year. The application can be downloaded here.

Local Community Service Organizations

We recommend that you look within your own community at organizations that are committed to learning and improving food security. Some examples include 4H and FFA groups, Slow Food, Rotary, Lions, Farm Bureau, Boy and Girl Scouts, Grange and so many more. Find the groups that host fundraisers throughout the year to support education, local food, and sustainability and send them a letter of interest. To make a request for funding or scholarship, start off with a short description of yourself and your ties and commitment to your community. Then go on to describe the highlights of the education program and how you believe it will help you to support the community.

Finally, make sure you describe the connection between the mission of the organization you are requesting funds from and the School of Adaptive Agriculture- whether it is in the value of ecological restoration, local food sovereignty, health and wellness, or sustainability. These organizations would like to hear a story about how you will bring your knowledge back to strengthen your community, so be sure to make it personal!