Campus & Facilities

The school is unique in all that it has to offer. Based on a historic ranch in rural Mendocino County, the school campus includes a 1920s school house, library, outdoor kitchen, bathhouse, dining area, compost toilet, and workshop. Centered on a 5,000 acre ranch, there is a 360 degree view of lush valleyland and rolling hills. On one of these hills, students live in canvas private wall tents. Open your tent in the morning to an old growth Redwood Grove, vernal pond, orchard, rivers and streams, herds and flocks of sheep, chickens, cattle and wild animals galore.

Campus Facilities

The School of Adaptive Agriculture is headquartered in a school house with a classroom, library, reading room, computers, and wi-fi.

Behind the schoolhouse, students make meals together in a kitchen and eat under an outdoor gazebo on a beautiful hillside overlooking pasture, vernal pools and the Redwood Grove.

Living Facilities

Students live in private 10X12” canvas wall tents equipped with solar power and fully furnished.

Two showers with hot water are available after a long day working and learning, in addition to washing machine and drier.

5 days a week students cook meals together in a beautiful redwood kitchen stocked with many cooking devices and farm fresh foods.

Students eat under an outdoor gazebo to shelter from the sun and rain.

The Ranch

The SAA is located on 5,000 acres owned collectively by a community that has lived here since the ’60s. Over 50 years of land stewardship and a desire for self sufficiency has created a truly remarkable environment. The Ranch is home to 7 other organizations dedicated to education and agriculture, including:

  • Wall to Wall Natural Building
  • Ecology Action, a Grow Biointensive Research Garden
  • La Vida Charter School
  • Tres Bien Cheese
  • Tequio Community Farm
  • TRAIL Therapeutic Riding Program
  • Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation

There is a lake for swimming, old growth forest, auto shop, community dinning hall and kitchen, olympic swimming pool, abundant history of Seabiscuit the racehorse, and miles upon miles of natural hiking trails.