The Practicum Program at the SAA is designed to equip graduates with a full vocabulary and awareness of the complexities of farming and ranching.  When they leave here, we keep track of the incredible work they do and continue to help connect them to resources, job opportunities, and land access.

Here are a few examples of what graduates of the program do after they leave:

elishaElisha was in the first graduating class of the SAA, Spring, 2015. She moved to Green Uprising Farm in Willits where she works with the crew to bring salad greens and other vegetables to market.  She is gaining confidence in market gardening and is experimenting with different cropping systems and legumes, including her own Brussel Sprout business operated out of Brookside Farm.

Jamie graduated in Fall 2015 and immediately got hired at Open Field Farm, a 500 acre organic, Biodynamic farm with a 100-member CSA.  Open Field Farm grows vegetables, grains, beans, dry corn, helps operate a U-pick flower field and herb field, and has a herd of cattle for beef, a dairy cow, and about 300 laying chickens.

Danny funded his tuition for the school by selling his famous beef jerky in Los Angeles.  He now lives in Anderson Valley, working at a few local farming operations and running a small meat goat operation as well.

sarahrosieRosie was the first international student at the school, hailing from Dorset, England.  She attended the Spring 2015 Practicum Program and then moved back to England where she worked for a seed growing operation and now runs a market garden at Tamarisk Farm, one of the first Soil Association certified Organic farms in the UK.

Sarah had a specific interest in grazing cattle and land management, and she went on to continue work with the McConnell Foundation in Redding, CA- managing interns, youth, and cattle as tools to manage the landscape.

Joshua completed the Fall 2015 term and felt the need to further his experiential studies at the SAA field.  He applied to be a Capstone student, and was invited to manage an acre of vegetables in a Profit Share model with the school in 2016.  After a very successful year taking vegetables to two markets he was again invited to participate in a Profit Share model with the school for 2017.