What does an average day look like at the School of Adaptive Agriculture? We get this question a lot.

While no two are alike, there is a rhythm to the days. Every week we touch on some aspect of our 5 core units – Livestock, Crop Production, Business Management, Industrial Arts & Community Living (with lots of hands on work – fieldwork, experiments/labs, field trips, etc.).

This morning our students are busy getting ready for our new arrivals tomorrow – a new batch of 150 baby chicks! In the afternoon they’re going to escape the heat with a classroom lecture/lab on plant and animal genetics.

If you are thinking of becoming a student, we encourage you to come to the ranch for a visit. Sit in on a class, stroll through the garden, feed the chickens and share a meal with our students. See what farm life is like for yourself.

We hope to see you soon!